Art After School | May 2015

Art After School completed the ninth program year with an art party. What is a party without party hats and games? Everyone had to make a party hat out of colorful papers and then wear their hats at the picnic featuring delicious treats. It was a hot day and the game was a welcome activity as it involved containers of cold water and marbles. The object was to pick up all the marbles, using only your toes. Lots of fun was had by all!

Many thanks go to an amazing group of creative young artists, to their parents who supported our efforts, and to our assistants, Jane Bowry, Marilyn Wilking, and Joanne King. We look forward to September and the beginning of Art After School’s 10th year!

Below is a slideshow of pictures from the Art After School End of Year Party. (If the slideshow doesn’t load properly on your device, you can click here to view the gallery on flickr.)