Update on 2020 Stewardship

Many thanks to everyone who has made a pledge in support of St. John’s ministry and mission for 2021. As of November 21, we have received 21 pledge cards for a total of $51,080. Twenty-four percent of pledgers have increased their pledges this year; ten percent of pledgers decreased their pledge this year.  We gained two new pledgers this year, and lost four.  Compared to last year:  In 2020, we received 24 pledge cards for a total of $54,244.

If you have not had a chance to pledge, we encourage you to do so soon.  Pledge cards may be returned in the mail to PO Box 179, Walpole, NH  03608.  If you have not received a pledge card, we can send one to you.  Just contact Patti Sparks at (802) 885-4329.  Many thanks for your amazing generosity and support!